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Located in Sao Do Ward, Chi Linh City, Hai Duong Province, about 70 kilometers from Hanoi on the Hanoi-Ha Long highway, ChiLinh Golf Course is highly appreciated not only in Vietnam but also in Southeast Asia. The absolute respect for its geography has earned us the title of “The most challenging golf course in Vietnam”.

Utilizing the advantages of nature with vast fields and natural lakes surrounded by majestic green hills, combined with high-quality facilities and a team of experienced and professional caddies, ChiLinh Golf will undoubtly bring all golf lovers promising and excellent experiences.

Known as "Vietnam's most challenging golf course" each hole at ChiLinh Golf Course is masterfully arranged, with discreet sand traps positioned to 'ensnare' even the most seasoned golfers. Especially, these challenging holes are conveniently placed on the existing mountainous ground of Chi Linh City.

As one of the most beautiful golf courses in Vietnam, ChiLinh Golf was designed by I.G.C.S (Independent Golf Course Services), a leading Australian golf course design and construction company. ChiLinh Golf Course is the first project of I.G.C.S in Vietnam and contributes to bringing new experiences to golfers.

The helpful Caddies & Marshalls team is knowledgeable about the layout of the course and gives clear guidance that can help golfer have the greatest playing experience.


The absolute respect for the unique topography and soil has earned us the title of “The most challenging golf course in Vietnam” Due to its beauty and high-quality facilities, the course is extremely attractive to golf lovers.

ChiLinh Golf has a vast property of about 325 hectaresand is located in a beautiful valley with a natural lake nestled in the majestic green hills surrounded by green grass.

The course has a beautiful landscape that captivates people and extremely interesting challenges at each different course terrain that will help golfers have incredible experiences.

With a full selection of well-known golf brands like Titleist, Puma, Footjoy, etc. on display in the heart of an open area, Pro Shop provides customers with a wide range of options to add to their wardrobe. The professional and enthusiastic staff at ChiLinh Golf is always willing to help customers on finding the best products.

The ClubHouse Restaurant, built on a high hill with stunning modern architecture, provides golfers with a completely unique dining experience and a wide view of the golf course from above. Players can look at the stunning valley with a natural lake surrounded by majestic green hills from the ClubHouse. European, Asian cuisines and many local specialties are offered by the restaurant.


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