ChiLinh Golf located in Sao Do Ward, Chi Linh City, Hai Duong Province, about 70 kilometers from Hanoi on the Hanoi-Ha Long highway, ChiLinh Golf Course is highly appreciated not only in Vietnam but also in Southeast Asia. ChiLinh Golf Course is known for its title as “Vietnam’s Most Challenging Golf Course” and any professional golfer would not want to miss out on this exciting competition venue.Opening its first 18 holes in November 2003, ChiLinh Golf Course was rated as “A golf course worth conquering”. In 2008, ChiLinh Golf Course continued to put 9 holes into operation, increasing the scale of the course to 27 holes. ChiLinh Golf Course’s excellent quality has helped it maintain its reputation as the pinnacle of outstanding and impressive golf tourism and sports. With professional facilities and resources, ChiLinh Golf Course can fully meet the needs of its Members and Guests through services such as organizing professional tournaments, organizing events, providing party booking services, etc.


As one of the most beautiful golf courses in Vietnam, it was designed by I.G.C.S (Independent Golf Course Services), a leading Australian golf course design and construction company. I.G.C.S is highly recognized in the area for designing and constructing numerous golf courses in Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, and China. ChiLinh Golf Course is I.G.C.S’s first project in Vietnam, and it serves to giving golfers unique experiences.

The highest quality materials in the world were used to construct the golf course, and the most advanced technology was imported from the US and Australia to guarantee that it was constantly in excellent shape.


ChiLinh Golf Course, which was built with 27 holes split into 3 course sections in accordance with AAA international standards, spans up to 325 hectares in the center of a picturesque valley with a natural lake surrounded by magnificent green hills. In order to bring golfers the greatest experiences, ChiLinh Golf Course always has a professional golf maintenance team taking care of it on a daily basis and all year round.


In addition to its beautiful scenery, ChiLinh Golf also has well-maintained facilities that meet international standards for a golf course, along with a utility system to serve golfers. Facilities like the ClubHouse restaurant, golf carts, driving range, and locker rooms help meet all relaxation demands and provide golfers with the greatest golfing experience.


2019: ChiLinh Golf is awarded as Best Par #4 2019 – Hole #7 by Vietnam Golf Magazine

Social Responsibility

ChiLinh Golf is always aware of the responsibility of a business to the community and society and is always committed to contributing to improving the quality of life of people in difficult circumstances. Charity activities are carried out annually by ChiLinh Golf.

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