How do I make a reservation?

Reservation can be made through these following ways:

  1. Call our Hotline at 02206 599 699
  2. Send to our email: booking@chilinhgolf.com
  3. Book online on our website at https://chilinhgolf.com/en/booking
How do I pay if I already made a reservation for 18 holes but only play 9 holes?

You must pay according to the number of holes booked, not according to the actual number of holes played, except in objective cases of unforeseeable circumstances where you cannot continue to play.

May I book my own Caddie?

ChiLinh Golf provides Caddie booking service starting from January 1, 2023 with a fee of 200,000VND per person. You can book your own Caddie if that Caddie is still available.

To access more information, please visit FAQ page.

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