Brand Story


Built in 2003, ChiLinh Golf Investment and Development JSC. (ChiLinh Golf), formerly known as Chi Linh Star Golf Course Joint Stock Company, is one of the first golf courses in Vietnam, with almost 20 years of development in the domestic and regional golf industries.
Opening the first 18 holes in November 2003, ChiLinh Golf Course is rated as “a golf course worth conquering”. In 2008, ChiLinh Golf Course continued to put 9 holes into operation, increasing the scale of the course to 27 holes. ChiLinh Golf Course has been asserting its leading reputation through the quality of the course and is a highlight of high-quality and impressive golf tourism and sports.

Absolute respect for the natural terrain

ChiLinh Golf is a rare golf course that fully respects the topography and soil combined with the strictest international standards to create a space that is not only dubbed “The most beautiful golf course in Vietnam” (2009) but also “The most challenging golf course”.

Sustainable development

ChiLinh Golf is not only an attractive destination for all local and foreign golf lovers, but as one of the cradles of Vietnam’s golf industry, it has the mission to develop a healthy sport for people of all ages, creating opportunities, building connections, and resonating sustainable values for the society. In addition to our core beliefs, we continually invest in people, technology, and infrastructure to create outstanding courses and provide customers with the best experiences.


“Becoming a desirable destination, offering fantastic experiences, developing a community of local and international lovers. Opening up opportunities for partners and customers to develop sustainably from there.”


“ChiLinh Golf constantly strives to become one of the most high-quality golf course in Vietnam, bringing good values to the community and society.”

Core values

ChiLinh Golf’s corporate culture is built and cultivated based on 5 core values:

Devoted to all customers and partners, enhancing customer experience

Connect to build a golf-loving community, thereby increasing cooperation opportunities for partners and customers

Efficiency is the fundamental value of the company’s operation

Collaborate with customers and partners to create strength and success

Professionalism is the core value of ChiLinh Golf corporate culture, always upholding ethical standards, skills and professional knowledge.

Organizational structure

Executive Board

Chairman of the board


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Vice director


Vice director